I'm currently at work. Siesta time it is. Lol. My patient's relatives came this afternoon. They had their lunch here with lots of filipino foods on the table. Kaldereta, Bbq (im so craving on this!), Salmon belly, Tortang Talong (my faaaave! :p), and many more. But me and my patient already ate our lunch before they came so yea, I was stucked inside my room. LOL. I don't have anything to do with them so I stayed in my room and watched some ABS CBN teleserye. :D

They made me remember our never-ending family gatherings. LOL. We also have a lot of family gatherings. Well in the Philippines, we really had a lot because I have my three brothers over there and two of them have their own family so we kinda have a big family. We celebrate birthdays, christmas, new year, halloween, and more together. And sometimes, we do have gatherings every Sunday. :p

Taken at my grandparents' grave at Ever Memorial Garden. Picture in the left were my nieces, brothers and sister doing their own pose. LOL. Picture on the right were my cousin and his father seriously praying. =>

This was a birthday celebration of my cousin at Don Henrico's Tomas Morato Branch. =]

 This was taken two years ago. Despidida Party of my cousins.

hmmmm! sooo soooo yummeeh! :)) I super duper miss these foods! Damn! It's making me drool. haha! What I really miss were the crabs (crabs are very expensive ova here! >.<), mussels (especially the one with butter and chili, YUM!), and of course, Crispy Pata! LOL. Everyone here is so health conscious, so they don't order Pata for handaan. :))

My niece turned 2 months old at this picture. Taken at my eldest brother's home. =]

My niece (the baby in the previous picture) already turned 1 year old at this picture. Time flies so fast! damn!

My graduation day! :D A very special day for me since I waved goodbye to schooling. :) And so I thought! haha!

This was the last meal I had with my whole family. Few hours before our flight to California. :'(

Last but not the least, PACMAN's fight! LOL. Believe it or not, our family get together whenever it is Manny Pacquiao's fight. LOL. Big fan eh. :))

Over here in Los Angeles is kinda different. We only see each other if there's a really special event 'cause everyone is so busy working. Well, for my mostly 6 months stay here, our family already have 2 gatherings, Thanksgiving Day (which is a really special holiday here in U.S.) and Christmas Day. Well it's fun 'cause this is the first time I have celebrated something with my cousins. :)

These were taken at last year's Thanksgiving Day. :D Whole fam here in Cali. But there's 8 of our cousins missing including my bros and sis in Pinas. :)

This was Christmas Day 2011. :D 

Sabi nga nila, when it comes to Filipinos we have very close family ties. Yea, it's true. Nothing beats the moment when it comes to family. ;) 

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