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Since I am bored and got nothing to do, let me share to you our first experience in Universal Studios. =]

So me and my cousins got an unlimited pass for one year in Universal Studio. The first time we went there was last December, and I'm telling you, there's a looooooot of people during that time! >.< The second time was I think a day before their classes started.

So this is the first thing we saw after we got off the train. UNIVERSAL CITY. <3 This is where you'll wait for the shuttle that will take you to Universal Studios. And the picture on the right was the shuttle. :) Picture at the center was us three while in the shuttle. =]

So this is the famous Universal Studio sign near the entrance.

This is the entrance. :) I told you we went after Christmas so they still have their Grinchmas Theme on. =]

We went to Studio Tour first. Since we're early, we didn't have to wait in line for so long. Lucky us! 

This is the shuttle used in the Studio Tour and at this moment, we're on our way to the King Kong 360 degree 3D. :D I'm kinda amazed after that 'cause it really looks so real when you're inside. 360 Degree is soo cool! Wonder if they're gonna make it to the movies. lol.

This one was a plane crash set. I forgot the movie they filmed here. But this one right here is a real plane. REAL PLANE. When you're actually there, you'll here buzzing sounds, you'll see smoke everywhere as if the plane crash just happened an hour ago. I'm really amazed. :))

This one is the Fast and the Furious secret in filming. :)) We're amazed on how the cars in Fast and the Furious drift and tumble down. When I saw this I was like, Damn! They only have those tubes and everything look so real! Sorry, but it was really my first time, so yea. Everything looks new to me. :p

There are still a lot of amazing sets that you didn't think a production could do. Even the houses from Desperate Housewives were only built here at Universal Studios, and Jaw movie and many more. Really amazing. haha! :p

That was me and my cousin enjoying the view. =] This the view of the Studio Tour Route. :)

Mummy Returns. :D Simple coaster ride going forward and backwards but we enjoyed it. :D

These two were the hosts in Studio Effects. :) This is a fun show wherein they reveal the secrets of filming. :D They showed the different ways on how they put special effects on videos. How they make fun of your imagination. :) It's really nice to volunteer but we're way back up the seats so, yea. 

See the difference from the stage and on the screen? They have a green background on the stage, and when it comes to the screen, looks like they're on the jungle. Pretty cool huh? :p

This is another special effects. Picture speaks for itself. ;)
The Simpsons Ride. It's a virtual ride. :) You'll be riding an 8-seater and the whole ceiling was 3D. :D Feels like you're in a real roller coaster. :)


This was inside the Simpson's Ride. :D


Jurassic Park Ride! :D That's the thrill! :D Will be soon uploading a video of us  before having a splash into that water. :D

I hate Horror Houses. That's why when we're already inside, I didn't get a chance to take some pictures 'cause I was tightly holding my Little cousin's arms! There were chuckie in there and a lot of staffs who makes you scared to death! 

Frankenstein was too busy scaring people that he didn't even want to take a picture with me. :(

Got the chance of having some picture taken with Frankenstein. 

This is Shrek's castle. <3 Just a 3D movie with a little entertaining show in the waiting area before we enter the castle. :D

Had a little chat with Donkey. <3

I would never let them find out where Shrek is. <3

This is Water World. They have a little play/show. :D Kinda looks weird, but the show is fun. It's about the pirates desperately looking for the dry land. Before the show starts, the pirates made the crowd cheer so loud, and if your cheer is not too loud, you and the rest of the crowd on your area will get wet thru their water gun and pail! :)) 

We had a meet and greet around the area of some famous characters! <3 




I only saw Universal Studios on my mom's photographs, and now that I already stepped myself into it, I found it really fun and amazing! Learned a lot here at Universal Studios. Will be back again soon, since we have a one year unlimited pass. LOL. :D


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