Amor de lejos

Amor de lejos. Spanish words meaning Loving from afar. I just love how the Spanish words sounds like.

Loving from afar. Hmm. I know a lot of people who have had and are in a long distance relationship, and I am one of them. Long Distance Relationship or LDR as they call it, takes enough courage from both couple in order to be successful. Of course not only courage, there should also be trust and patience. Most people will tell you, love is not always enough but did they even try to think that without love you will not be able to have the courage, patience and trust? oh well.

So right now, I am away from my guy for 6 months already. Half a year. Damn! When we're still together, we won't last a week without seeing each other and now, 6 months! and it will take more years for us to be finally together. Before I left Philippines, I can hear some people telling me "You're going to be away for so long, do you think that will last?", "Why don't you just break-up so it won't be too hard for you and just see if you'll gonna end up together? 'Cause if it's really you and him in the end, it will happen.", "Me and my LDR partner did not end up together, I hope both of you could fight the distance". These words scared the hell out of me but did not let me let go of what we have for more than four years. I lost him once and I am not gonna let that happen again.

While I'm wide awake, he's on his way to dreamland. You know it's really hard when before you have the whole day and the whole night together talking, chatting, hugging, kissing, cuddling, fighting, malling, eating, etc. and now you only have hours to talk about something important, something that happened the whole day. It's hard when you only have the chance to see him through video chatting and you keep on wishing and hoping that when you wake up the next day, he's already right beside you smiling and holding your hand.

One man told me, "I have been in that kind of relationship. It lasted 8 months. We have every communication you could ever think of. YM, E-mail, Friendster (it was way back), cellphone, and I even buy phone cards every week. But it still didn't work. Well, every relationship is different, ours may did not beat up the distance between us but maybe yours could." Well that made me think that our story is different, the characters in our story are different so maybe we could have a different story too.

Both of us hold on to our dreams, that after 5 years, all of the waiting could be worth it and we will be finally together and no more distance. Everyday, our mind is full of positive thoughts, full of things we wanna do in the future together. And these things keeps us going, keeps us together and keeps us dreaming.

5 years. I will be waiting for 5 years. He will be waiting for 5 years. He will come for me in 5 years. We will be together after 5 years. We just keep on praying and keep on holding on to our dreams. <3


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