It's been a while since I posted something up. LOL. And since, I'm craving for another rollercoaster ride, I wanna share to you guys my Six Flags - Magic Mountain experience with my cousins.

Before going to Six Flags, I checked it out in the internet. When I saw the rides, my tummy felt crazy. LOL. I was kinda nervous when it comes to these rides but I'm kinda brave enough too to try it. The rollercoaster rides here is waaaay too different in the Philippines. Rides here are crazy. LOL.

As you can see this is the entrance. On the right is my cousin. :)

Parking Rates. LOL. :))


This is our first ride! One of the bests! ...and the oldest ride. LOL.
A ride where in you are facing downward! Sounds scary but it was a lot of thrill and fuuuun! :) It'll make you want to ride it again. :))

And the picture on the right was the three of us in Tatsu ride. We're actually facing down at that moment. Haha! At least we got to take a shot of us in the Tatsu ride. =P

 This one is called Dive Devil. It's not actually included in the "Ride-All-You-Can" thing and even in the Season Pass. You need to pay more to experience this Devil-ish ride. Haha! It's a kind of thing where you (up to three person) will be pulled up until you're at the curve with only belts and ropes on your body. And you need to push the button, and one of the ropes will let go and you'll be like dropping and  flying! Well, we didn't have this on our visit but when we came back, we'll make sure that we already gathered our braveness to try this one! :))

We tried the Apocalypse ride. Well, when you look at it, it looks boring. Everything you'll see is wood. But this ride is one of the fastest! Simple wide but the speed was soooooo fast! Lol. :))

This is the last ride I wanna share to you guys! :) This is way too scary! Lol! It feels like you will just let your body feel the move of this ride. You cannot make yourself still in this thing and there will be a time that you'll be facing the ground and you can't do anything but to let your body feel like falling. :)) And I think it's in the middle of the ride where the side of the rails will blow out some fire! And I'm serious though. ;) 

We left when the park is about to close. Too bad we haven't got the chance to taste the funnel cake. Well, maybe next time! :p

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