Activity Coordinator certified!

hola! :D Today I had my last day of activity class. A lot of people were asking me what kind of class I'm attending. Oh well. It's a class wherein you'll become an activity assistant or coordinator or even director for a health facility like Retirement Center, Nursing Care Facility, etc. It is a fun and challenging kind of job wherein you're gonna help the residents of the facility enjoy their stay in the health facility. You will provide them fun activities where they can participate and provide them the entertainment they deserve during their stay. Sounds fun huh? After the fun, DOCUMENTATION follow. Lots and lots of documentation. Assessments, Care Plans, Progress Notes, and more!

I had 6 Saturday class for this certification and hell yea! I made it! :) Another certification! :)) Hope I can make use of this soon! :D Let me show you some pictures of our last day in Activity Class.

It's sad that I didn't get a chance to take a shot on all of our foods. Damn! International foods from international people! :D And all the food tasted soooo gooood! =>

This is the whole class. Having one of the greatest potluck lunch ever. :D We're a total of 45 in class I think. :) The class is fun and everyone is participating! :)

More more pictures since it's the last day. And still hoping that I'm gonna meet them somewhere. :) We made it to the sixth Saturday and had our certificates! yay! =] Feels good! <3


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