Meet TIN. :)

This is TIN and LIN. :) We've been friends since second year high school. Feels like it was just yesterday when we are still in our blue, white and red uniforms and now, we are already a grown-up lady but still a kid in our hearts. :)

We met because tin can't attend our despidida party. We roam around the grounds of MOA. Went to pet express to buy some pasalubongs for snorlax (my lovey-dovey doggie) and waki (my boyfriend's anak). :) Then, we look for a good place to eat and we end up eating at Yellowcab. =]

We also ordered Spicy chicken wings but wasn't able to take a picture of it since we were busy chatting with each other and really excited to eat because we got hungry for walking all over the mall of asia. :)

We had fun! And hoping to make this happen again. :)

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