I first learned of Jabbar through the Facebook page of Philippine Dog OwnersThis is Jabbar's story.

       He is owned by a kind lady who runs a small sari-sari store in QC. A few years ago Jabbar was attacked by some drunkards and most of his nose was cut off. She brought him to a vet, but she did not have the 12,000 Pesos needed to treat him. Since then she has been feeding him antibiotics daily in hopes he will survive.Many people do not visit her sari-s...ari store anymore because they cannot stand to look at her dog's face. Yet, she still keeps him because she loves him so much.

Everytime I look at Jabbar's picture, my heart is melting and my eyes gets teary. I hate those drunk people. I hope they already got what they deserve for doing this to Jabbar.

This is manang Shirley, the dog owner, bringing him inside the vet clinic. By the look in her face, she is really worried and wants to seek urgent medical attention for Jabbar.  

Manang Shirley and Jabbar in front of their sari sari store..

Jabbar was sedated. Manang Shirley is crying because she is afraid that Jabbar won't wake up anymore. And according to CARA, manang Shirley also passed out. :(

Manang Shirley being calmed down by one of the veterinarian's assistants. I wanna meet her. She's a real pet hero.
Jabbar, having an x-ray.

Jabbar is needing a lot of medical attention. But, Manang Shirley can't afford to give everything Jabbar needed. She wants Jabbar to survive, but she is not financially stable to be able to buy the medicines, laboratories and operations that Jabbar is required to have. So CARA, asks for some donations for all those who can help in Jabbar's case. Veterinarians who take care of Jabbar are volunteers, and so is the woman in the picture who took a visit to Jabbar at the VIP hospital.
If only I already have something to donate, I will definitely put my donations. I'm very proud to those people who voluntarily donated some of their blessings to Jabbar! May God Bless all of them!

For donations and visits, you can contact CARA Welfare Philippines - Compassion And Responsibility for Animals. Just click on the following:
CARA's Facebook Page
CARA's Website
you can e-mail CARA

Please spread the word and let's all help Jabbar live a longer life. He deserves to have one! Prayers can help. :)

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