Leaving Pinas?

These papers will change my life bigtime! At first, it was nothing. Ok, I’m filling up these papers. I’ll go to US then just work. But as time goes by, and as our papers were processed in the US. My reactions are changing. Going to US for me means travel. So by that time, I’m thinking of places to see when I arrive in Los Angeles. Just like these beautiful places..

When I’m thinking of those places, I became excited. Not thinking that I do need to work hard in order to save up for myself and my family. 
And now, we already had our medicals, interviews and currently waiting for our visas. We also have our plan on leaving at October 29, 2011. My heart is full of mixed emotions. The other side of me wants to leave pinas because I know that the future of me being a nurse lies in the U.S., but the other half wants to stay because everyone I love is here in Philippines and for 20 years, I grew up being with Filipinos and now everything is changing. 
I just hope luck will be with me in the U.S.. And I know God will never leave my side. I just need to be stronger..

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